First dinner is on October 3
Casual buffet dinners are on the following dates:


  • October 3
  • October 17
  • November 14
  • December 7 Holiday Buffet
  • December 19  Casual Holiday Buffet


  • January 30
  • February 13
  • March 13
  • April 17

Welcome to The Institute for Advanced Study Restaurant.  

Located inside the Institute for Advanced Study, the restaurant serves  a prix fixe five course menu on Wednesday and Friday.
Drawing from the seasons and local farms Chef Michel Reymond and his staff create an ever-changing dining experience
The wine cellar includes a remarkable selection of wines from around the world.
Housed in a temperature controlled room, more than 400 selections are available.
Renée Robinson (WSET) will be pleased to recommend and guide you through your wine selection.

Reservations are required. Please use Open Table to make a dinner reservation.

Alternatively, you can email your request to dining@ias.edu or call 609  734-8168 and leave a detailed voicemail.

Your waiter is compensated by IAS and does not expect to be tipped.
If you feel that you have received exceptional service and wish to reward your server you can do so in cash.
Tips cannot be charged to your account


If Open Table does not have availability for a specific night, you may email dining@ias.edu or call 609  734-8168 with your request.

We will place your reservation on a waitlist. When a table opens due to a cancelation, we will honor your request and send you a confirmation.

Dress code.
Dress code is smart casual

From time to time, we will post alerts regarding special offers, evenings that are booking quickly and tables that are available on specific days.

Buffet Schedule:  https://dining.ias.edu/general-information/dinner-buffet-schedule

Google Glass are strictly forbidden.
E-Cigarette are not permitted
Electronic recording, filming etc. Of guests is forbidden without the prior knowledge and consent of all involved parties.

Dinners are for individual people and small parties not exceeding 12 people.
Material presentation and speeches are not permitted.
The price of the menu is $ 45.00 per person for Faculty, Members and Staff.
We do not allow BYOB
Dinners are served on Wednesday and Friday nights.



Wednesday May 16, 2018

Shrimp, mango, grilled octopus
And avocado salad

Pepper and goat cheese soup
Roasted quail and duck breast
Pan drippings and pimenton mayo
Braised black kale and spring onion
Fingerling potato
Grilled swordfish
Pistachio crema
Roasted pepers and asparagus
Balsamic cippolini onions
Deconstructed black forest cake
Sour cherry sorbet

Tea, coffee or infusions